One to One Sessions

Please note: for one to one work I am continuing to take a sabbatical throughout 2019.



Why Might You Need One to One?

Part of why I love this work so much is that I have the honour of sharing deeply with people who want to come and see me on a one to one basis. We might work on life questions, Spiritual development, health issues, moving through change, working with challenging relationships or anything else that life can throw at us!

How Does The Session Work?

My background is in body psychotherapy, specifically ERT (Embodied Relational Therapy). With my psychotherapeutic skills and what I’ve been told is a natural empathic way of relating, I spend time chatting 1st of all to be clear where it is you are coming from and what it is you might be bringing to the session. I usually suggest allowing about 1.5 hrs, sometimes we may need a little longer. For rituals and ceremonies we can negotiate timing to suit your needs. As in all my work I follow a code of practice about confidentiality and will only share minor details for supervision purposes.

Who Does What?

We then discuss and negotiate what Shamanic work might be useful and who is to do what parts of the work. I see this as a person centred practice, which means wherever possible you find ways to follow your own process and Shamanic path, with me as facilitator, rather than leader or teacher. There are some times when having me do the work for you will be not only essential but potentially healing as well.

Shamanic Toolkit

The kind of Shamanic processes that we might follow could be anything from – journeying to find a power animal – soul retrieval or power retrieval – depossession/extraction – soul exchange – plant spirit work – ceremonies and rituals for beginnings, middles and endings – healing and much more from the Shamanic toolkit.


Prices will be reviewed in 2019.

How To Book

Just give me a call or if you prefer email me and we can set up a time and date to suit us both.