What do I offer?


Workshops form a large and important part of Shamanic work, creating communities and deep connections with human and other than human fellow travellers. There are various opportunities throughout the year to experience the flavours and textures of Shamanic rituals, practices and ceremony mostly based in the remote, magical woodlands of Roeburndale in Lancashire.

Wild Therapy informs a large part of the work I offer and I'm also a trainer on this year long program. 

I regularly run various workshops with different Shamanic themes and content. Sometimes I run workshops with co facilitators who each have their own style, practices and flavours. These fellow companions contribute hugely not only to the workshops but to my life generally and have enriched all my work for the better!

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One to One Sessions

Part of why I love this work so much is that I have the honour of sharing deeply with people who want to come and see me on a one to one basis. We might work on life questions, Spiritual development, health issues, moving through change, working with challenging relationships or anything else that life can throw at us!

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