Jayne Johnson

Once Upon A Time

I think that my soul story began long before this lifetime. So in a way you could say it all began a long, long time ago, just like all the best fairy tales!

Perhaps I have been growing my soul for thousands of years, who knows? It certainly feels like I’m only just beginning to realise my soul purpose & why I’ve chosen to be an embodied human being at this point in time.

Birth Charts & Childhood Dreams

There’s a strong Aquarian influence in my birth chart and it looks very heavily loaded in one corner! This has made some things in my life very difficult and others very easy.

Dreaming connects me to my creativity – often dreaming things up well before they come into reality. Drifting off and finding myself elsewhere was par for the course in my childhood. Now years later, finding Shamanism, I realise I was quite literally ‘on another planet!’

Teenage Nature Child

People interest me hugely – what makes us who we are? why we feel the things we feel? Art College was a strong contender for me until I realised it may well mean solitary work. My soul needs connection to people and I’m honoured to have made strong, lasting connections despite moving & travelling a lot.

My early years were spent roaming the hills of Lancashire – Holcombe Hill was a favourite when I needed connection to the land. From teenager, through motherhood and beyond sitting in nature’s healing energy has always been able to sooth my sensitivity.

On The Move

Home has been North East & the South West of England, returning full circle 2 years ago to Lancashire and I now live in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I’ve travelled extensively across the World, with a trip to Africa in 1999 as a volunteer, taking Homeopathy to outlying villages – a life changing experience!

My connection with the land & water in South West Scotland is very strong. I return many times a year and consider this my 1st home!