Has been around for a lot longer than me! So I want to share with you why Shamanism Embodied is a re-invention of the ‘ancient ways‘, combined with my own version of the kind of embodied Shamanic practice I do/am.

One to One Sessions

Please note: I now only offer one to one supervision.


Part of why I love this work so much is that I have the honour of sharing deeply with people who want a companion and listener to walk beside them along their life path, either briefly or for longer periods. We can share together indoors or outdoors.

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What is Shamanism Embodied?

My Western version of Shamanic work invites us to become more embodied before we ‘leave’ our bodies for other Worlds.  To become grounded in our bodies & be more of who we really are.

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My Shamanic Practice

Has evolved out of years of life experience through my own growth and unfolding awareness.

I’ve had many teachers and guides in this world, some of who’ve passed on their Shamanic knowledge and some who’ve seemingly been adversaries teaching me to move on and grow – painful, difficult and yet necessary for growth and re birth.

Experience As Teacher

These experiences have been my classroom, my vision quests, my Shamanic Embodied experience and my way of feeling and being with all that is.

I’ve not travelled to the other side of the world to learn from ancient tribes – I’ve travelled to my own inner world – I’ve become more of myself and this is what I love to share – to facilitate others to become more of who they yearn to be.

I’ve always been in touch with ‘other world’ realities and found myself in trouble as a child wandering off in the middle of maths lessons!

I ‘put away’ this side for a big part of my middle years, bringing up children seemed to be my calling then.


I’m freer now and my children are all grown up. I’ve been called back to the place I began – as an adult now who wanders to other worlds, except now I’m more embodied, more solid in myself and in this world too!

Shamanism Embodied

I’ve a strong sense that Shamanism belongs in our bodies as much as it belongs in other worlds and I believe that the ancient rituals and ceremonies helped people to come into their bodies before leaving on a journey to another world.

How can we travel to other worlds and realities if we haven’t explored and inhabited this one yet?! That’s the key that unlocks the door for me – coming into this world, this reality – then the rest unfolds like magic!